Oculus Video Shows Advanced Hand Tracking Gloves

Earlier this year Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased a new form of input being developed over at Oculus: hand tracking gloves. We only saw them through a picture at first, but now a video has surfaced online showing them in action.

An Oculus video posted last week, and featured in a recent blog post from Michael Abrash, shows what looks like the same gloves in action. It reveals a marker-based solution that uses external tracking cameras. “Unfortunately, hands have about 25 degrees of freedom and lots of self-occlusion,” Abrash said. “Right now, retroreflector-covered gloves and lots of cameras are needed to get to this level of tracking quality.” Perhaps one day the company might be able to fit all of that into sensors like those used for the Rift and Touch, but right now it requires that elaborate rig constructed around Zuckerberg in the picture he teased. Not very consumer-friendly.

Given the timing of the video, we wonder if Oculus will be showcasing these gloves at SIGGRAPH when it gets underway next week.

You shouldn’t expect an actual product to come out of this anytime soon; Oculus won’t be releasing any new hardware in 2017 and the Touch controllers are still the primary form of input for its VR experiences having only released late last year. It’s more than likely that this is still an R&D project that’s not even confirmed for a consumer release. We’d love to know if these gloves have any kind of haptic feedback to react to actions like pressing buttons.

Accurate finger tracking is another important step towards fully VR immersion, but actually replicating the feel and resistance of surfaces and objects in VR is another challenge entirely.

It’s exciting to think, though, about what might be possible with a combination of glove and Touch controller, giving us unprecedented hand-presence in the virtual world. That said the finger tracking on Valve’s new Knuckles controllers for SteamVR offers a similar sort of experience already.

SOURCE: https://uploadvr.com/oculus-video-shows-advanced-hand-tracking-gloves/

Oculus: Don’t Hold Your Breath For New Rift Tech Soon

Thinking that Oculus’ insane Rift sale is to clear out stock for something new? Think again: the company has no plans for new Rift tech anytime soon.

Head of Content Jason Rubin said as much in a recent interview with Cnet, assuring people that just bought the headset — currently discounted to $399 with Oculus Touch — that they have years of content ahead of them. “I want to be clear: we are dropping the price to get more people in Rifts because we expect the next years to be very Rift-focused and Rift-centric,” Rubin said.

He noted that it would “take a while” for technologies such as eye-tracking and wireless support to become fully integrated features of a Rift headset. Wireless might be added via a peripheral in the future, similar to upgrade kits we’re currently seeing for the HTC Vive, but Oculus won’t be making it an out of the box feature for a long time.

“To answer your question about all these other technologies: People should not hold their breath and wait, it’s not coming in a minute,” Rubin added.

It sounds like we won’t be hearing about a true successor to the Rift anytime soon, then. That is unless the next iteration of the device is only incremental in its updates. For now, the company is focusing on content, having just released Lone Echo and announced one of its first big title for 2018 in Marvel Powers United VR.

If we are to see any hardware updates from Oculus soon, it will likely be in the standalone VR section. Last year at Oculus Connect the company showcased a prototype headset in this category, so we could possibly get a fresh look at this year’s event, especially with recent leaks suggests it’s work on not one but two standalone devices.

SOURCE: https://uploadvr.com/oculus-dont-hold-breath-new-rift-tech-soon/

Oculus to Talk “Breakthroughs in Spatial Audio Technologies” at Connect Conference

Oculus Connect 4, the company’s fourth annual developer conference, is set for October 11th and 12th in San Jose, California. There, Oculus will share with developers some of its latest research and developments, including what’s coming to the company’s VR Audio SDK.

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Spatial audio is hugely important for creating convincing virtual reality worlds. Traditional stereo audio often sounds like it emanates from within your head. In VR, most sounds need to have distinct sources that sound as if they’re coming from somewhere within the virtual world, just like they would in real life. But simulating realistic sounds in complex 3D environments isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially if you need to do so accurately and efficiently. Many companies have been working on the challenge of spatial audio in VR, with varying degrees of complexity and success.

At Connect 2017 in October, Oculus Audio Design Mananger Tom Smurdon and
Software Engineering Manager Pete Stirling will take to the stage in a session titled ‘2017 Breakthroughs in Spatial Audio Technologies’, to overview the latest spatial audio tech devised by the company.

Get up to speed on key terminology and concepts you need to know, then dive directly into the newest audio tech developed by Oculus. We’ll cover how new techniques and tools like Near Field HRTF and Volumetric Sound Sources help create dramatically increased immersion for people experiencing your game or app. Attendees will also get a first look at what’s coming in the Audio SDK roadmap.

The session description also promises to give attendees a first look at what’s coming to the Oculus Audio SDK, implying that whatever new spatial audio tech the company has cooked up will soon be rolled into the SDK.

The session is among more than 30 expected at the developer conference, 14 of which are now revealed on the Oculus Connect schedule.

SOURCE: https://www.roadtovr.com/oculus-talk-breakthroughs-spatial-audio-technologies-connect-conference/


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