There is a relatively high chance you have experienced or heard about Virtual Reality (VR) and its amazing effect on just about every industry including medicine, entertainment and engineering. You’ve probably also considered the potential impact of VR on education but may have wondered where to start, been put off by the cost or thought it would be too difficult to implement in schools.

Immerse Academy’s team of education and technology professionals has solved these challenges and more with a range of cost-effective workshop and technology packages for teachers and students.

We offer hands-on professional development and ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops for educators, immersive content-creation workshops for students, affordable ‘plug n play’ hardware, an educational VR app suite and custom VR app development, all supported by our community of awesome educators, tech enthusiasts and industry professionals. We can also help map VR experiences and creation to your curriculum or incorporate into extra-curricular and after school clubs.

We know the challenges of introducing innovative technology in schools first hand, so we provide everything you need to upskill yourself and other staff, communicate the benefits of VR to the entire school community and install hardware and software that is fully compliant with school and departmental policies and regulations.

Link: VR for Education – Flyer


With passion for immersive technologies we aim to provide you with everything you need to start and grow as a developer. We also provide custom application development for businesses. Contact us via the form below and one of our staff will be in touch with you shortly.